Get the ball rolling on your tile cleaning project in Gilbert, AZ and all of the Valley Wide area

Remove Grime From Your Tile Surfaces

Have your tile floors and backsplashes lost their shine? Don't worry, Excel Floor Care is a tile cleaning specialist that tackles tile and grout cleaning in the Gilbert, AZ area. If your tile floors have been gathering dust, dirt and grime for the past few months, we can make them shine. You can count on us to pretreat, agitate and steam clean all of the tile surfaces on your property in a timely manner.

Reach out to us right away to consult with a professional cleaner about a tile cleaning appointment time that works best for you. By the time we're done steam cleaning, your tile surfaces will be cleaner than when they were installed.

Extend the life of your tile flooring

Extend the life of your tile flooring

To prevent future damage to your tile surfaces, you should:

  • Use a sealer on grout joints
  • Avoid using harsh cleaning aids like steel wool pads
  • Refrain from cleaning your unglazed tile with any agents that contain color
  • Place protectors under your furniture legs to prevent scratching

Excel Floor Care can help you extend the life of your tile surfaces. Call us today to schedule tile cleaning services in Gilbert, AZ.